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Fruit Puzzle

Fruit Puzzle

Games Introduction Fruit Puzzle:
In this mouse-driven logic puzzle game you have to cluster the fruit symbols. Attend to not confuse your current pair of fruits with the previewed fruits!
Games link: http://www.gamesclubonline.com/games/Fruit_Puzzle
Teletubbies Kill

Play Guide:
Left Click to use weapon, Keys 1,2,3 to change the weapon, Space bar to Reload
Games link: http://www.gamesclubonline.com/games/Teletubbies_Kill
Kid Canyon's Cunning Stunt

you use the arrow keys to play
games link: http://www.gamesclubonline.com/games/Kid_Canyons_Cunning_Stunt

One Man's Doomsday 2

Games Introduction One Man's Doomsday 2:
The bloody doomsday of one stickman has finally got a sequel with more action and excitement packed in this game. Defeat all his enemies. Have fun and enjoy!
games link: http://www.gamesclubonline.com/games/One_Mans_Doomsday_2

FMX Team

FMX Team

Games Introduction FMX Team:

A sweet game of performing motorcycle stunts over jumps as you compete on each level for a high score
games link: http://www.gamesclubonline.com/games/FMX_Team